End of year surplus budget: Why CBSecurepass is a good investment.

How has Covid-19 impacted your school’s budget for 2020/21 and 2021/22?

With schools operating on a fundamentally different basis over the past year, you may find there are areas of your budget that you have not been able to spend, despite the additional costs created by Covid-19. If that excess exceeds the 8% which can be carried forward to your 2021/22 budget, seeking permission from your local authority can be onerous so you may be keen to spend the money during the current budget year.

Whilst we appreciate this is a luxurious and possibly very unusual position to be in, this may be the perfect opportunity to invest in enhancing your school’s safeguarding and security system, which will in turn reduce admin to enable staff’s time to be spent better elsewhere.

Is your current sign-in system efficient?

If you are still using paper to sign visitors in, multiple files to cross check data such as a late attendance list, or never fully know who is in your school at any given time, this could be a good sign to upgrade to CBSeurepass electronic sign in solution.

Value for money

Our system starts at just 99p per day depending on the size of your school. We also have some USPs which make us stand out from our competitors. Having a visitor management system will also work out much more cost effective in the long run as the automated process saves you admin time i.e accurate emergency list.

Trusted procurement process

We have worked with hundreds of schools up and down the country and have a trusted reputation.

You can find out for yourself by reading what our happy clients have to say.

Fast implementation

We can work to a quick time frame if that’s what you need – the sales process from demo to completion can take as little as two weeks and we provide ongoing support and training as required.

Invoicing to fit within your preferred budget year.

Whilst we usually invoice after implementation and training, with little more than a month to go until the end of 2020/21 we can invoice at the start of the process to fit within this financial year if required.

How to find out more

If you find yourself in a position where you need to spend a budget surplus, a school visitor management system such as CBSecurepass, could be a wise decision and a good value for money purchase.  If this you, get in touch today or watch a demo here: https://www.taremtec.com/watch-a-demo/

Who is Taremtec?

We provide solutions for primary schools, secondary schools, sixth forms, multi-academy trusts and higher education establishments through our secure visitor management system, CBSecurepass. By using CBSecurepass your organisation will look professional, you will save time and money, instantly improve your safeguarding process, and gain complete oversight of the movement of everyone on site.

Get an instant insight to how our software can save you time, by watching a demo here: https://www.taremtec.com/watch-a-demo/

Or book a demo with one of our technical consultants here: https://www.taremtec.com/book-a-demo-now/