Should schools have CCTV in toilets as a way of tackling bullying?

An increasing number of schools in the midlands, who are concerned with high levels of reported bullying incidents, have taken extreme measures and installed CCTV cameras in their toilets.

The decision of these schools has polarised opinions among parents and child protection experts. Everyone agrees that bullying in school must be tackled as the consequences of inaction can be devastating to the students, parents and the school itself.

Children that are bullied can experience negative physical and mental health issues such as self-harm, depression, anxiety, loneliness sadness. It is not uncommon for some children to even commit suicide because of their experiences.

Therefore, it is understandable why some schools who have a persistent high level of bullying are taking extreme steps such as installing cameras in some of their toilets, especially if they have evidence that some of the bullying is done there.

Those who are against this idea are concerned that installing the cameras compromise the privacy of the children. However, in response to this criticism, the schools have stated that the cameras are placed in communal areas of the toilet and not directly to cubicles or urinals.

In my opinion, if there is evidence that placing the camera in a communal area of toilets will help deter bullying activities, then schools should be encouraged to do so, provided that they are not pointed to cubicles or urinals.