Why Your School Needs A Visitor Management System

In a 21st century world where data and people are everything and compliance is bombarding schools left, right and centre, how is it possible to get to a place where protecting site access and the data becomes simple, secure and searchable?

At Taremtec, we believe that as schools take on more data and grow, the need to process and manage visitor, staff and student access electronically and securely will only increase.

So what should you expect from a Visitor Management System?

1. Easy To Use: Touch screen and a web cam that allow users to register and print an access pass should be standard. Users should be able to print or register for a pre-approved temporary or permanent access card.

2. Fast High Quality Printer: All access passes should clearly show the users face and personal details.

3. Easy To Use Bar Code Reader: All users should be able to scan themselves in and out to record time and to update the emergency register.

4. Student Late Arrival Notification: Enable students arriving late to school to sign in.

5. Child Collection Registration: Adults collecting a child who are not the parent or guardian should have their personal information recorded, including a photo.

6. Secure Access & Storage: Access to the Visitor Management System and storage of all data should be encrypted.

7. Emergency List: Names of all visitors, staff members and students registered on the system should be instantly accessible 24/7/365.

8. Staff Notification: Staff members should get automated notifications via text or email when their visitor has arrived.

9. Reporting & Monitoring: It should be easy to view usage statistics in a meaningful and intuitive manner.

10. Round the clock support: If something goes wrong, you need to be able to speak to a human being, so that site access remains constant and on-going.