Indian schools to use biometrics to monitor attendance in over 9,000 schools

The government body responsible for schools in the Indian state of Telangana is attempting to improve attendance of both students and teachers by implementing plans to install biometric management systems at 9,349 schools that fall under their jurisdiction across 12 state districts.

2,000 schools already have the technology in place with priority being given to those who have at least 100 students, and the school management have been given instructions to capture attendance of both teaching and non-teaching staff when they arrive in the morning and leave in the evening, as well as checking on attendance of students before lunch.

If this trial proves successful, then it is hoped eventually to roll the system out to all 26,000 schools for which the directorate is responsible.

The rise of Biometrics

By 2020, nearly all smart devices including mobile phones, tablets and wearables will have some form of biometric security. By the same time, personal banking through mobile apps will also overtake online banking in the UK.

According to a recent report from Good Intelligence, by 2020 1.9 billion bank customers will adopt biometrics for a variety of financial services, including ATM cash withdrawals, proving identity for digital on-boarding, accessing digital bank services through IoT devices and mobile bank app authentication.

Here in the UK, biometrics are just one component of CBSecurepass, which has been available for many years, and the roll out to schools in India shows that this technology is getting stronger across the education sector.

There are many benefits for using biometrics in your school such as ensuring that it is the actual person signing in and not someone else and removing the problems of lost or forgotten ID cards.

If you are having problems with attendance at your school or would like to enhance your safeguarding then biometrics maybe the right avenue for you.

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