The Importance Of Technology In Today’s Care Homes

When you stop and take a good look around you, chances are, you will see technology everywhere. Technology has become an important part of our life and it has not only made our lives easier, but technology has made our lives better. It has enabled us to live longer, healthier lives and it has entertained us throughout our lives. We have come to a point where we rely on technology so much, that we can’t turn back.

     With that being said, technology has even made its mark on the care home industry with residents utilising it in every aspect of their day. One of the most important benefits of technology in a care home setting, however, is how much it effects management and operations. Technology enables care home management and staff to become more efficient and more productive which makes caring for their residents easier than ever.

CBSecurepass For Care Homes

      Technology has become so specialised that there is now software and standalone systems designed specifically for care homes. CBSecurepass for Care Homes provides a secure method for staff, guests and residents to enter and exit a care home while recording all activity. Staff and residents can sign in electronically using a digital key card or fingerprint scanner which gives management an effective way to keep track of everyone who should and shouldn’t be there. This is especially important for patients with cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease. CBSecurepass for Care Homes also makes keeping track of guests easy by ensuring that every guest signs in electronically every time they enter or exit the home.

     But CBSecurepass isn’t just about security. It can also aid management in becoming more productive by providing an effective staff management module that records staff details.

 The system also has a rostering facility that enables managers to effectively plan staff shifts so that all hours are efficiently utilized. The payroll solution within CBSecurepass automatically capture staff hours and produces reports for payroll purposes, thus minimizing administrative time required for preparing wages.

Other features include remote accessible emergency lists, visitor badge printing, DBS alerts and much more, all of which are cloud-based and accessible from anywhere in the world.

     There are many benefits of using CBSecurepass in your care home and they all ensure a more productive, secure and efficient way of creating a better care home experience for your staff and your residents.

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